Check Your Course™

Avoid the common mistakes of running your online course when you learn how “legal” impacts naming, launching, marketing, and selling.

When you're creating, marketing, and selling your online course - you want to make sure you've thought through everything.

  • Knowing how to avoid trademark infringement on someone else's trademarked property name.
  • Protecting the brand you're building your business around.
  • How to handle copyright issues on your own material and using others' material in your own.
  • How to avoid having a guest contributor come back and demand payment for their contribution to your course.
  • How to make sure your affiliates aren't jeopardizing you with their marketing and advertising efforts.
  • and many more ...

As a smart and proactive business owner you want to make sure that you've uncovered all the areas that could cause you undue stress, expense, and delays.

Check Your Course™ does exactly that. It gives you access into my brain and I share with you exactly all the pitfalls I've had to help the non-proactive online business owners with over the past 5 years.


Steal all my secrets ... 

Go from feeling like you're 10 steps behind at the end of every day to feeling like you have all the time in the world to finish what needs to be done and with time left over ...